Friday, August 31, 2012

Little Red Button

 Do you remember Tuesday when I wrote about my dishwasher quittingI've been hand washing dishes each day after each meal and it's not been bad at all.  Been kinda nice to not nag my kids to empty their part of the dishwasher and I've been able to stay on top of it.  It's not like it was a totally major disaster yet.  

Well, tonight our family was hanging out eating dinner - talking over the day. Honey got up to rinse his bowl off while he was talking about his plans for tomorrow... work a little in the kitchen.  Both Oldest and Only raised their eyebrows at me and mouthed "dishwasher?"  Shaking my head  "Showing Youngest how to unclog the kitchen sink.  They said I needed to tell him. 

"Hey Honey, the dishwasher's broke."  

"Huh?  You're kidding!"  What's wrong?  Did you try to turn it on? What about flipping the breaker?" 

Only laughed saying I probably didn't even know what a breaker was!  Okay, give me a small break here!  


I told him what I'd tried to do to get it to run, and he still didn't believe me. Kids had to confirm what I was telling him!  So what does he do?  Gets down and reaches under the sink cabinet where it's plugged in and pushes some little red button (he says it's a ground fault outlet)...  And to think I was trying to be a good wife and not stress him out.  All I could see was the hours of research trying to find the solution, mutterings, a grumpy husband, and working hours he could spend on something else that really needed it.  He confessed he probably wouldn't have noticed for quite some time - not something he pays attention to, but ask him about sports stuff and he's right there.  Kids said I should have told him sooner - probably so.

I'm really so thankful that God had a very simple solution for this glitch.  Makes me think of all the junk that I should have told Him sooner, but then He already knows but just wants to hear it from me.

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