Friday, August 1, 2008

Whew, it's over!

I can't believe that it's really Friday! At 4 p.m. I breathed a sign of relief and hugged my youngest. "Yes, we're done for the day!" No, it's not been a particularly rough week, okay, we had a few more speed bumps, but for the most part it was good.
This week we started school and Caleb started marching band. We figured since he was in marching band most of the day, we didn't want Claire and Connor to just sit around and stare at the TV all day. We heard a few grumbles, but mostly Connor expressed thankfulness at being at home again. He's been pretty enthusiastic at what he's learning and doing, and that brings a smile to my face. He's so full of energy and like a sponge - soaking it all up. I found that I'm having to back track and teach some things that I thought he should have learned in public school, but he's picking up on things quickly. He was thrilled to use markers, get to keep a water bottle by his side, go on to another subject and not wait on other people, have time with Mom, and really understand what he's learning. This year, I found a series of books that bring places around the world and tie them in with God's Word and character building. This is just the thing to peak Connor's interest, as he loves Australia! Does it usually take so long to do school? Nope! But Connor was a bit distracted and he learned today that if you put things off, you still have to do them and it makes a much longer day. It also helps if the cat doesn't hop up on the table to clean herself and take naps!
Claire has gotten back into the groove of doing school and starts on it first thing in the morning. She is usually finished by 1 p.m. I just hope I can stay ahead of the lesson plans and grading papers!
Just follow me on a little bunny trail (there go the bunnies again)...
Today I was reading the blog for the campus minister for Christ on Campus and something I saw interesting was his comment on Time Magazine's 2008 list of The World's 100 Most Influential People. What Mike said was:
I was a little disappointed to find that
I knew less than a third of them.
How many names do you recognize?
Curious, I read the list. I recognized a few, but what I got to wondering was - who has the power of influence over me? Who has the most influence over my children? My husband? Is it the sports hero (and there are a few out there who have a great Christian witness), the teen pop star, their teen friends from school/church, our ministers... Who? Is it Mom & Dad, Grandmas and Grandpa, cousins, uncles and aunts? There are times that I would cringe to think my children would pattern any part of their lives after me, and if they do, will it be just the good stuff? Probably not, knowing my track record! Honesty, I would hope that God & Christ was be the most influential in their lives. He is the world's best and foremost scientist. He must be in acting and politics because He's handled enough drama and the world's most powerful rulers. He is a pioneer in radical thinking and a hero to so many for the most precious gift He's given. Builders & Titans? He made the universe!!! I think He got it covered on all the bases.
Well, it's time for me to head out to my in-laws to pick peaches and visit for a while. I'm thinking Peach Cobbler will make it's way to our table VERY soon!

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Unknown said...

Yum, peaches! Luke promised a surprise for me when he called me on his break Thursday. I was so impatient to see what it was. It was a bag of peaches and a bag of nectarines! Yummers!
I've made peach crisp, and I guess I'll try some other things, too.
I love peaches...