Piggy Tales: Stories from my childhood

 In June 2010, I started recording memories from my childhood in participation with other bloggers to record our childhood memories for our children.  If you would like to read more, click on the link below each date.  This journey has been good, but sometimes I fear, it will grow difficult and I struggle with the right words to say.  Stay with me a I work through the joys and difficulties of growing up, and record them for my children with love.

June 30: Some In-between Early Memories

July 8: Goodbye City Life, Hello Rural Life! (3rd Grade)

November 4: Barnyard Surprise and a true friend

July 15:  4th Grade: Moonshine, Gardens, and Uncle Zeb      

November 11:  4th Grade: Racing to Grandparents Farm

July 22:  Fifth Grade - Elvis, my own room, and small town life
November 18: Fifth Grade: Flying cats, Barbie eating dogs, and country church 

July 29:  Sixth Grade - Freedom Train, Far away friends,  and skinny dipping  

August 5:   Seventh Grade: Painful goodbyes, wobbly beginnings, and church camp

August 12:  Eighth Grade:  Muddled memories, free time, and horses 

August 19:  Ninth Grade:  :John Denver, snakes, and more changes.

Sept. 2: Eleventh Grade: Scotty, Rubber band Band, and Colorado

September 9: Twelfth Grade: Haiti, good friends, and the police

September 16:  Post High School:  Jr. College and mentors

October 13:  Young Adult Life: Christian college

October 19: Young Adult Life: Inner-City, The Pit, and Irreversible Impressions 

October 25:Young Adult Life:    Mischief, home, and disguises

November 1: Young Adult Life: Co-ed dorms, loneliness, and ooo-la-la!

November 7:  Young Adult Life: Moving out, hard losses, and dating