Thursday, November 13, 2008

But I'm really sick!

"What do you want for breakfast?" I ask Youngest. "Crispix" he mumbles with his head on the table. Trying to be cheerful and motivating, I fix his bowl, give him a quick kiss on the forehead as I ruffle his blond sleep tussled hair on my way to the shower. "Maybe we can get done early with school and you'll have time to play!" Getting a shower is a blessed thing around here. Most mornings (I'm sure I'm not the only Mom to confess this) I don't even get one. I'm secretly convinced that a mother was the inventor of deodorant and perfume and lotions. I just hope that makeup and some smelly stuff will mask the way I feel. Over the waterfall of warm water, I hear a muffled "mumble, mumble" and a knocking on the door. *sigh* "Wait!" I holler while shutting off the water and grabbing the towel. *This had better be good* I thought. When the kids were much younger, I was in the shower and they banged on the door to let me know that they let the Terminix man in to treat the house. I locked the front door after that and gave a lecture after that one! As I opened the door, I saw him, humped over with his hands to his mouth. "I puked!" *good grief! Did he have to go all the way through the house to tell me that?!!!!* Thankfully it wasn't bad and I chalked it up to a bad gag reflex he has. Finally it's lunch time, with 3 subjects left, he is wearing his coat because he's cold. Now before you start thinking I'm totally clueless, I'm very cold natured and our bedroom is the coldest in the house. What finally clued me in was he wanted to take a nap... ahhhh! Lightbulb goes on in my head... Final verdict - 103ยบ and the rest of the day was spent in bed listening to Adventures in Odyssey takes and taking naps. Call me clueless, but no one has been sick in our house and I thought he was trying to get out of the rest of school work! "Lord, may you give me grace as I am constantly learning about how to be a good mom. I blew it today!" Needless to say, I stayed up with him last night and rocked him until he said (waking me from a slumber) "Mom, can I watch Batman cartoons, this home decorating stuff is boring."


Lorie said...

Thank you for your comments. I'm fairly certain that the doc told me the medical term for the extra bone thing, but I honestly don't remember. As for your comment on the sermon, I LOVE LOVE LOVE what you said about rainstorms and dancing in the rain. I'm going to share that with Cindy.
I hope your little guy is feeling better. You didn't blow it by the way....that happens all the time here. As a matter of fact, one of mine has been throwing up for the last 4 hours; and I tried to initially brush off the first episode as drainage. After the 4th time, I knew it wasn't drainage. Shower...what's that? I actually usually shower at night, so I can at least go to bed clean.

Lorie said...

I have friends, who give their children 3 gifts, because the wiseman each gave Jesus a gift which would have been 3. I think that's a wonderful idea too, but we started with one a looooong time ago; and we are sticking with it. I'm glad to see that you don't think I'm a grinch, because we don't buy a lot. By the way, I LOVE Nicole Johnson. Have you ever been to Women of Faith?