Sunday, May 23, 2010

Special Quilt

A family from church last week had their third child and quickly found out she was going to be an extra special little girl.  God put this idea in my heart, while working on Only's quilt, and the idea became real.  With each square finished, each seam sewn, a prayer was said for Olivia Mae, who has Downs Syndrome.

Here are my first few blocks of the 3-D Bow Tie Quilt, I'm attempting to make. A quick visit with my local "quilting guru" Tracy, she confirmed and helped me visualize some thoughts on what direction to go once the individual squares were finished.   I'm anxious to finish it before Olivia is released from the hospital.  The quilting part makes me nervous... guess I need to sew and pray some more!

 A stack of leftover quilting squares become a thought

a few hours turn a thought to real squares

Those squares form an idea

a little organization must happen 

a Little trial and error


Ah, I got it right!  
These are the first two rows I finished last night
Four more rows to go.

What do you think?


Unknown said...

I love it! That's beautiful, Lynette!!

TracyLou said...

love it!!! We'll figure out the quilting when you come back to 'my shop' :-)
I foresee gorgeous pictures of Olivia on facebook laying on her pretty quilt :-)