Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Look what came in the mail!

Dog was barking
Someone at the door
Rocking the baby
She's finally asleep
Please go away

Momma!  There's a package!
Oh Boy! 
What can it be?  

Everyone is gathered around
like fans swarming the stage

Yes!!!  It's my new Flip Video Camera!!!  
How did I get it?

Most of you may know, that four months ago, 
I began a journey of writing my Piggy Tales
Stories of my childhood
and I wasn't alone!
There was a whole group of ladies
We all had stories,
yes, OUR stories to tell
 They were our memories,
but somehow we commonly shared
some heart breaking, 
some gave us laughter,
some gave us tears
some showed us wisdom,
but onward we wrote. 

Those that finished all 15 weeks
were entered in a drawing 
for 1 of 3 prizes
I still can't believe it! 

Now, can someone please show 
me how to download videos?
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If you would like to read more Piggy Tales from other ladies, hope on Over to Mommy's Piggy Tales.   If you would like to join in and start recording your own Piggy Tales, contact Jana at Mommy's Piggy Tales to find out how  (jannajoy25 (at) hotmail.com). she has a second session starting up in October. There is a short session of recording your Young Adult Life starting this next week.  Please feel free to join in this next session. If for some reason you missed any of my previous posts, you can find them here.



I didn't know you won this great prize. How fun. Piggy Tales was a lot of work . . . glad you prevailed.


Shelly said...

Wow! Congratulations on your prize!