Sunday, June 12, 2011

Gifts of Grace

Some recent Gifts of Grace
  1. Protection from stormy weather (tornadoes)
  2. Safety for Oldest and Only during clean-jp work in Joplin after the tornado
  3. Oldest graduating from high school

  4. Naps on an exhausting day
  5. Good friends who give up their morning to help prepare 26 large pizzas for Oldest's graduation reception
  6. Moms picking up their kids at the end of the work day
  7. Laughter with dear friends over grilled burgers and chicken, renewing and relaxing
  8. Chainsaws to fell broken limbs from the storm
  9. SIL once again has feeling in her legs and waist after 3 weeks of numbness and has returned to work! It's not MS!!! 
  10. Youngest slurping Crispix at breakfast as he reads a Hardy Boys book
  11. Picking blueberries with Only and Youngest
  12. Protection when a reckless car veered across two lanes of Interstate, cutting in front of the two cars in front of me.  Thank you God, because it could have been really bad.

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Love your list . . . esp number one.