Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Just ask

Last night, 
a sweet friend, Melissa and I 
had a girl's night out
just the two of us

Delicious Stuffed Chicken Marsala
We had the best time!!!
Not as two moms,
or as someone's wife

just two good friends
good conversations
delicious food

Want to hear the funny part? 
Both of us 
share the same wedding anniversaries
June 23
19 years apart
our oldest children are dating
and our daughters are best friends
(it's complicated)

Stay with me...
So I had to ask...
yes, I did!  

I asked our server 
if we could have a dessert 
to celebrate our anniversaries!!!
No, our husbands were not present

Guess what???
This is the yummy celebration dessert we received!
Our celebration dessert
"I don't want to judge..." she started
We had a little explaining to do
We are not married to each other 
 "Our husbands are unavailable to celebrate
One is at boy scout camp and the other doesn't like Italian
It's Girls night out!"

Oh so delicious and rich!
We gave our sweet server an bit more of a tip
took our dessert to Sweet Bay
got a coffee and chai
two forks
and each had two-three bites

more good conversations
two good friends
Ah, we must do it again soon
for we had to go home way too soon.



Such fun . . . I am finding myself longing for those kinds of friends in our new city. It takes time . . . but seems longer than usual. Glad you are enjoing your summer.


Anonymous said...

Glad you were able to do that ...being with a like minded friend is refreshing!

Melissa said...

I had the best time. I have not laughed that hard in a long time! Thank you for the special memory! Love you!


Aspiring Mom2three said...

Ah, Melissa! We did have the best of times! Much fun, laughter, and good conversations to go with new and yummy food. Sister chicks at heart!

Craig said...

FUNNY! Funny. And your families – so close – and the dating – I bet that's complicated. The dinner sounded intimate, like sister chicks at heart should be. And seriously, the poor waitress, funny! God bless you and all of yours Lynnet.

Craig said...

just wanted to know that I've been by to read more of your words – I heart your words. That's all. I'll wait. :) God bless and keep each and every one of yours Lynnet.