Sunday, September 11, 2011

Zoe's Blissful Confection

in the beginning
A little more than nine months ago
over a delicious Italian dinner
a sweet friend confessed, 
she was expecting
a new little one

a girl, we later learned

and Immediately a plan formed in my brain
Some girlish material for a sweet little girl. 
Zoe's Blissful Confection Quilt
So fresh from God

Why I choose the Blissful Confection quilt pattern:

Confection: a work of fine or elaborate craftsmanship  

Babies are a beautiful gift and the product of elaborate crafsmanship from God + a little of Daddy + a little of Momma = A Blissful Confection (Zoe)

Pinning down the quilt

Zoe's quilt
 So I present to you
 Zoe's Blissful Confection Baby Quilt

Made from the heart

Her foot prints

Bob and Audra

Today, we visited Zoe's family and presented the quilt to her. I'm horribly nervous each time - Just praying they wouldn't look too closely (but they did).

Zoe (Isn't she just a cutie!)
Isabella (older sister) wanted in on the pix


Back side
The front
I'm really not great at this stippling and free-motion quilting yet, but it's getting better. The Quilt Lady is a great encourager and teacher, a great listener, and makes this easier. I'm so thankful that through quilting I'm reminded that only God creates things perfect.



Amanda said...

Such a beautiful quilt!!!


Stunning. What a beautiful gift.


Anonymous said...

Beautiful Quilt! You are so talented ...and I'm a bit jealous! Someday ...when my kids are grown maybe I can learn to quilt. :)

the momma said...

I got to see it Sunday ~ the pictures don't come close to doing it justice ~ it is sooo pretty!!