Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Quick Update


Only and Bandit
 Oldest's puppy, Bandit, is growing all too quickly and pouts each time Oldest walks out the door without him.  We actually don't allow him on the beds, but He was "bravely" trying to escape the cat.  Sissy! 
Sleeping easy!

After 21 yrs. of sleeping on the same mattress
, I got found a treasure - a brand new, Sterns and Foster 5 Star Ultra Firm Mattress.  Want to take a guess what I paid??? Lower...  Lower... Lower!  Yes, this $3,500 mattress cost us a whopping $290!!!  I was downright giddy and now happily sleeping without waking up with aches and pains, and no more sleeping in the recliner!

Fried Mozzarella from Pioneer Woman
 I love reading Ree Drummond (aka Pioneer Woman)'s blog when I get the chance - always so when I bought a signed copy copy of her latest book  makes me want to dig out my worn out cowboy boots, saddle up my horse, and move to a more rural way of life. Now if you think I'm losing it, growing up I really had cowboy boots (and used t
hem), milked a cow, had a few horses, helped plant more veggies than I like (okra and squash), and scooped more poop than I care to remember.  and bookmarked several to try. Watch out Family!

Oldest  is finishing up his first year as a Biology/Zoology major - hard stuff.  He confessed that he's been thinking of switching to youth ministry, but I told him the two choices are all related.  He continues to work at a Doggy Day Care, and recently started an internship at our church working with the youth.  It will be an interesting summer to see where God leads this young warrior. 

Potatoes are just tired!
Honey was so sweet two weeks ago and pulled the massive weeds in our flower beds.  I happily replaced those weeds with tomatoes, rosemary, parsley, and basil.  Our soil has so much clay, rocks, and and junk, that our only option for planting has been raised beds.  We've used the obvious space next to our house, but when I heard about using tires, I was game.  Jury is still out on if we'll get some potatoes this fall, but we're hopeful!  I plan on doing the same thing with my blueberry plants as well. I tried to talk him out of those two NASCAR truck tires sitting in our garage, but that was a NO! 

my aching knee
Long story short - April 5 was carrying and talking to baby (she's a cutie), didn't see the dog.  Dog now banned from kitchen, baby was unharmed.  Today is first day without crutches, but feel like I've been in a car wreck. Still horribly sore.  Doctor said today still much fluid in there, and was "thrilled" to hear I have arthritis in my knee.  I suspected this as it hurts each time there is a weather change.  He also said I have a cyst in there and sent the x-ray off for evaluation.  If swelling is still there next week, I'll have an MRI.  Thankful for all of Only's help with the little ones!
Photo by Adams Photography

Only graduates from high school later this month.  Not sure where time has gone, but she's amazing, just the way she is.  Planning on attending the university this fall with a focus on Psychology/Sociology.  She's had enough practice around here!  Sheesh!   So excited to see where God is going to take here in her Beautiful Life! 

Well, I need to head off to bed before I type something I have to blame my Ambien on.  Nite all!

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