Sunday, June 3, 2012

Having a moment

Ever have one of THOSE moments

You know the one I'm talking about
  • the baby cries all day
  • you get in the "10 items or less" behind someone who has 20 items
  • the kids are fussing all day
  • you get one more interruptions and you tell your kids "one more minute"
  • you're rocking that baby, late night feeding when no one else could possibly interrupt such a sweet and tiring moment
  • kids are acting themselves, picking at each other and pushing your buttons (any that may be left)
  •   you know that loaf of bread you planned on using for dinner - it was used for a Munster mash game bet"ween the kids...
  • the romantic evening out with Honey, quickly cancelled one of the kids comes down with 102ยบ and toilet worshiping taking place
  •  yes, Youngest as been in timeout again for biting
  • Dinner???  Is it THAT time already???
  • the pregnancy test show how many lines?????  *sigh*
  •  Honey comes through the door and you still have your jammies on, something sticky is on the floor, and "yes, those are YESTERDAY's dishes in the sink. 
  • Breakfast?  What do you mean there is  no milk, bread, oatmeal, or eggs? Guess we have ice cream or frozen pizza.
  • in the heat of a moments of stress
    • told your kids to "GROW UP!!!  (in which you instantly regret it)
  • Meeting?  Ah, yes, the meeting 5 minutes ago... guess we'll not perish is we don't go...
  •  a thunderstorm is passing through leaving cold frozen disc bouncing off  the roof, cars, and plants, dog is going ballistic because she is scared (shoot, I'm just as scared!)
  • Double booked on dr. appts. and now must take ALL the kids to each one 
  • they skip out the door, not even looking back as they back out of the driveway... and you stand, hand dropping to your side, wave melts to nothing, there goes your future...
 Grow up she did
Only (Adams Photography)

Past all the pain and struggles
the trials and tears,
Adams Photography

She has emerged, beautiful, respectful, part-time employed, my right-hand girl, country music loving, not afraid to dance in the rain, and I just cry to think what things God has in store for her these next few years. 

Ah!!!  (Adams Photography)
Only, Daddy and I are so incredibly proud of you and we are really looking forward to seeing where God is going to lead you these next following years.  Keep your heart open to change, listen for His direction, and don't forget to thank Him for leading you...  Proud of you Sweetie!

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