Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Out of order

 Argh!  Someone forgot to start the dishwasher last night.  Trying to get it done before the girls arrived this morning, I finished loading the last few, put in the Cascade, locked it, and pushed start.  NOTHING!!!  No light, no beep, no "give me a minute, I'm thinking" kinda warning.  I'm a college graduate, daughter to a determined do-it-yourself kinda mom, and mom to three kids, so I do the logical thing and unplug and replug it in.  Granted my knees were screaming at me, and I discovered some creepy things under my sink, but that's another day. 

NOTHING!!!   So like an intelligent person, I stood there in the wee morning hours, and pushed the lifeless buttons again... I know, I know!  I can now assume it's dead for now. No big deal.  Remember I said I needed the dishes done before the girls got there.  Didn't happen.  It took me three sinkfuls of dishwater spread out over three different times during the day to completely empty the dishwasher  and hand wash all the dishes.  My sink was was shiny at the end of the day!  I would love to say I had a ton of time to pray while washing, but I had many little ones clamoring for my attention, and it took me a while.

Finally, during my last sink full of dishes, Youngest came over to rinse his cup out and get a drink. 

"Um, what do I do?" he inquires. 

I Took his cup, washed and rinsed it and gave it to him.

"Um, Mom? Is the dishwasher broke?"  he asks as he is inspecting and drying his clean cup.

"Yes, do you think I love hand washing dishes that were in the dishwasher?"
(I wanted to flog him with the dishrag)
Youngest: "well, I just thought you were practicing for our next Boy Scout campout." 

Bwahahahahahaha!!!  I just about laid on the floor and laughed! Leave it to Youngest to find something funny in this.    
  I'm very thankful for hot water and a sink to wash them in. Thankful for dirty dishes - means my family has food to eat and dishes to eat on.Only gave me a sneaky look when she got out he plate for our evening meal, unlike my boys who had used regular dinner plate.  Also thankful I don't have to hand wash all the laundry!  

If you happen to read this post and see my husband, please don't mention it to him.  He doesn't know it's broke.  I mean, it's not an emergency - my hands can still wash dishes, and we have running hot water.  I swore Youngest and Only  to secrecy - just to see how long it will take for Oldest and Honey to figure out the Dishwasher has died.  Maybe I should get some of that yellow CAUTION strips and put across it? Thank they'd notice then? 

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