Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Give this dog a bone please!

Our son's dog, Bandit, sure was a cute little pup when he first brought him last year. Yes, we know he wouldn't stay little very long and he didn't!

This DOG has chewed holes in two walls, chewed on our beautiful bed and dresser... But the last straw... The last straw was when he chewed a hole in my own personal quilt! I almost cried when I discovered it and I literally HUNTED the dog down! But what could I really do?  I have no idea when he did the nasty deed and he has no idea what naughty mishap/deed he did was finally discovered. 

It has been a month since IT happened, but I really was unsure how to fix it.  Every time I snuggled with my quilt or placed it on my bed at night, all I seemed to see was THE HOLE.  I finally had enough of letting it upset me.  I mean really.  It's a quilt!  It could have been something much worse and it could have been in a worse place!

There's no mistaking who chewed on my cozy quilt
Since it is a quilt, and quilts are patches of fabric that have been sewn together, what a better way to fix it, than with a patch!  I was thankful to still have a piece of fabric from the front border and one that was even

"Patched" fix on front of quilt

"Patched" fix on back of quilt

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Raine said...

I love the colors and patterns of the material you chose for your quilt. They are cheerful, springful and fun! Just like you! Great job on the patchwork. Someday you will be able to laugh about Bandit's "gifts" he left behind!