Thursday, September 25, 2008

We held a miracle

Yesterday started out pretty wonderful for us. We witnessed and held a miracle.
It started simply when Hurricane Ike went through and a visitor decided to stay at our home. In fact it attached itself to our front door, but we moved it inside to a jar so we could watch it. And so we waited, we watched, and waited... Gradually we saw changes of darkening. Then yesterday we noticed drastic difference from the day before. We began to anticipate the day...
When it began to happen, we were surprised. I'm not sure why because we'd been looking for it to happen. We watched as the Monarch struggled to free itself from it's chrysalis. We cheered and oohed as it emerged, wings wet. We freed it from the confines of the quart jar and finally decided that Connor's finger was easier to grip and it seemed okay with this. We watched in wonder as it struggled to find it's way as it's wings slowly dried. Mind you, this took about an hour to get to the point of taking it outside .
We watched, learned, and were fascinated by the handiwork of God! We were thrilled that God did Science that day for us. Needless to say, when we got to Science that day, we skipped ahead 12 chapters to study about Lepidoptera (butterflies and moths).
I took the chrysalis that it left behind and carefully placed in on a "special" rock (that one of my children gave me) in my kitchen window. This morning, as I opened the blinds to that window, I was suddenly struck by a realization that the "tomb" was empty. What a wonderous and sacrificial gift that God made and I'm so thankful for the reminders He sends our way - even by the way of a miracle we can hold in our hands.


Unknown said...

oh, that's beautiful!
I never thought about butterflies representing the empty tomb, but I cried when you said that :)
btw, I love to read your blog, I come on here fairly often, and always enjoy your posts
this is Lana, btw

Melissa said...

What a special moment for your family! That was beautiful!