Monday, November 3, 2008

"Not me" Monday

  1. I did not have an awesome time in TX.
  2. I did not sleep almost all the way back from TX to AR.
  3. We did not get home at 3:30 a.m. in the morning.
  4. I did not let Claire and Connor sleep into today!
  5. I did not let Connor have a day off from school.
  6. I did not eat chocolate Frosty ice cream for dinner. Nope, not me.
  7. I did not take a long hot back tonight while watching Dancing with the Stars. (Did you see those perfect 10's?)
  8. I did not change dinner plans because DY brought home deer meat - free!
  9. I did not pray for a friend whose little one needs a new heart.
  10. I did not tell my youngest to go to bed early... and he didn't go, by the way.
  11. I did not tell my DH that I loved him... :)
  12. I did not take the easy way out for dinner!


Hall Family in MD said...

I would only not eat a Frosty for dinner if I did not have french fries with it =)

Flourchild said...

At least your honest! God Bless you and have a good day!!

Lorie said...

Allrighty it looks like I might be trying this chocolate cake recipe too. Pizza coming up this weekend in our house. Can't wait to make it with the kiddos.