Sunday, October 25, 2009

Sanity Day

Today I took a day off, kinda. I've been feeling run down - burning the candle at both ends eventually makes the candle go out! Waving to my family as they drove off to church, I felt no elation, as I would miss worship and the message. I fully intended to get a much desired shower and fix lunch, Braised Beef Short Ribs and Root Veggies over Egg Noodles, but alas, I spent my whole time cooking. You can find the recipe for the stew by clicking on the recipe title. I was thrilled yesterday when Only and I went resale shopping and found 8 items for just $30. After returning home we began constructing the skirt for her costume she will wear in the upcoming production of The Christmas Carol. I'm so thankful to have a serger that makes this so much quicker! Only and I had a great time watching Riverdance on Friday and were so thankful for the opportunity to see the Irish dancers. One thing I love about Fall are the beautiful colors we see in the River Valley, but also the chance for the kids to play in the leaves. Last week when we were having a difficult school day, I sent the boys outside to rake leaves and jump in them. They had such a good time, I'm starting to think that was a conspiracy against me! William had not raked leaves before, but found out it's a lot like sweeping the floor - but more fun. Well I need to get some papers graded and enter grades in the grade book... maybe I'll just grab some M&M's on my way...

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