Monday, September 20, 2010

Boys + rope + time = surprise!

It's been a full busy day, 
and the front door resembles a saloon door
constantly opening and shutting

Jake arrives for tutoring,
I'm in the midst of talking to a parent
tell the boys to take a break
they're gone in a flash...
5 minutes later
I can't find them ANYWHERE! 
(they are VERY good at hiding and NOT being found)
I must have searched for 5 minutes


I finally looked UP!!!
Jake and Youngest on roof

Yes that is a rope, and yes they have only socks on. 
Hi Guys! Whatcha doing?
"Uh, Mom?  Do you have a bigger rope?" they ask from the roof
(they must think I'm insane to give them a bigger rope!)
Hey Mom!  We're up here!
taking rope from front tree
I wondered how they got on the roof in the first place
so I watched them (cause they wouldn't tell me
"Duh Mom!  It's a secret!"

Caught ya1 Yes they used an old freezerwe're having hauled away

ah, using dad's huge rope
Now what could they be doing with that?

 Yes, they tied the rope to the tree
and were wanting to either swing off the roof with it
or climb down it. 
In the end, Honey came home, put an end to it.

Me?  I just had to laugh
.  Youngest is the first one to climb on the roof 
and try something like this.
Why am I not too surprised?

It kind of reminded me of this song


When the sun beats down
And burns the tar up on the roof
And your shoes get so hot
 You wish your tired feet were fireproof

I asked Oldest why he had not done this when he was younger
"Because I'm not that stupid!"

God must have been laughing today!

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