Friday, November 11, 2011

Miss C's Onsie Dress

Miss C
If you don't know, we have a new little princess in our home!  She was born the day after my wedding anniversary, (her sweet momma is a teacher) and has the most beautiful smile and baby gurgles!  Miss I and Miss AB love playing with her and love "petting her" (giving her hugs and making her laugh).  I love the time to sit and rock with her

 I love having little girls in our home, but I've found it hard to NOT make little outfits and things for them.  I really have to fight the urge, but while bunny trailing recently, I came upon The Onesie Dress at Barefoot in the Kitchen and knew I HAD to make her one. 

 I had a pink onsie in my stash, some extra sparkly fabric, and extra ribbon from a previous project - I was set!  I did a slight alteration to Stephanie's dress by reattaching the lower portion of the onsie, but the directions and visuals she gave made it super easy.  It took a little more work, more because of the fabric I was using, but I was pleased with the results. 

Miss C's Fancy Onsie Dress

We found that adorable headband in her diaper bag, paired with matching knit pants (it was much cooler that day), and some frilly socks.

Her momma was so tickled with the dress and couldn't wait to show her off to Daddy.
Doesn't she have the most beautiful smile!!!

Miss C all decked out for Mommy!

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