Tuesday, January 15, 2013

"Only" 19

Cute little 7 yr old
It was the worst snowstorm we'd had that year and somehow it didn't really matter. Just before 10 pm that night, 13 months and 20 minutes after we first became first time parents with Oldest, we met our second newest "little" one, Only. Somehow the memory of those 13 hrs of labor disappeared the moment she took her first breath and wowed us by being the biggest baby in the nursery that week (ah hem - 10 lbs, thank you very much)!

Since then, she has made us laugh, cry, shake our heads in amazement and frustration. We are so thankful that God blessed us with the gift of having Only.  We wanted to share some of the mane "faces" of Only
being goofy with cousin Trev. and Youngest over 4th of July

Silliness abounds with Miss "I" in the house

Fancy Hairdo from Miss AB

On a brother/sister Sonic run "date" 
How could we have worn the same clothes!!! 
   She is my helper and right hand girl.  She knows what needs to be done and does it.  When she was little I used to dance in the kitchen with her, singing a new version of an old tune - making all about here.  Now, we still dance around the kitchen, but mostly when it's cooking and I must say we do it very well. 

These girls love Only.  She will let them "fix" her hair, be silly with them, talk to them, and on occasion, put them in timeout if needed.

As a sister between two brothers, we really feared that she would "get lost" as the boys have strong personalities and involvements, but not Only.  She does not always give in, nor does she selfishly exclude. She has developed a beautiful personality uniquely her own. She is a mediator, friend, gives them "the look" when they screw up (can you imagine that is possible),  knows what they like, will watch shows with them, and sometimes, the older two appear in the SAME shirts even though they've not planned it or seen each other all day. Uncanny and hilarious when it happens.  Oldest doesn't always think so. Sometimes, during kitchen duty, there are a few flying towels, head locks, water on the floor, but always dishes put away.

In character for a A Christmas Carol play

Warm fall day reading and texting with a hint of a smile.

Ah, Who's that guy that captured her heart?
Ah, the mysterious guy that puts a smile on her face.  Sometimes you can find her relaxing outside reading, in a comfy chair inside or laying on her bed reading.  This girl LOVES books! Oh yeah, and while we're at it - she has this  "unhealthy" love of shoes... (Just a note of warning to said  Boy who Stole her heart).  And her iPod?  It has a large mix of Christian and Country music.  This girl makes me smile!  Sure makes us giggle when the Tequila song comes on or when we hear a Mamma Mia song, we want to turn it up and sing! 
Reflecting at Petit Jean after a climb down to the waterfall

The girl has done her part of gun shooting, rappelling, tent camping, missions trips

There are so many facets to our dear Only, and there is no way I could really tell them all, or I might be teetering on the edge of pride fullness. I sure wouldn't want to be guilt of that. I love having her around, hearing what's going on and what she is happy or even struggling with.  Sometimes we finish each other's sentences (poor girl).  She is the closest to me, my Right Hand Girl and I do Love her immensely.  I guess the most import thing about Only that you really need to know is that she gave her life to God many years ago and is actively pursuing what He wants her to do in her life.  As we have watched her from from that toddler who so stubbornly stood her ground to the beautiful young woman she is today, it is the inner Godly beauty that amazes me.  Oh, I love this girl!  But I guess you already know that.  Happy 19th Birthday Only!!! 

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Raine said...

Very good post written about your lovely Only! I love how you know her so well that you are able to put into words a description that reveals her true traits. Happy Birthday Only! (Good job Mom & Dad)