Thursday, October 24, 2013

Let's get crackin'

 I really love cooking with the girls
their enthusiasm is a bit overwhelming
Cracking egg to put them in the cup.
their literal way of interpreting any type of instructions given.  One never knows what the outcome will really be, but lots of laughter was heard that day! 

Ewwww, followed by giggles
Telling Miss C that we were going to crack the eggs and put them in the cup was the wrong thing to do before turning my back on her.  Before I knew it, she tapped her egg hard on the counter, and it was dripping down her hand, until I shoved the cup under it. So there we had our egg in the cup - shell  and all.  :~) 
Stirring, smiling, and making a huge mess!
Oh can't you just hear the caption in your mind?

Let's face it, making muffins ishard work, so we must taste test,


and one last time...

One last time.....

oh, I'm sure I "missed" this spot as well

Um, didn't you say I could lick the spoon?

Well, all that muffin making is EXHAUSTING, so what's a girl to do?  Why eat vanilla wafers dipped in milk. 

While the blueberry muffins were a huge success and smell delicious, the most fun made was cooking with this sweet girl. That is absolutely my favorite thing about cooking with the girls. Making messes and memories and giggles .

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