Thursday, January 15, 2015

Come Saturday Morning...

I think all kids come pre-programmed to wake up early on Saturdays.  Seems that during the week we had to drag them out of bed, literally. Made for very grumpy kids and parents.  But come Saturday morning... Yes, you know what is coming.  The feet would patter quietly down the hall, whisper and giggle at our door,  until somehow they inched their way to our bedside.  Oh keep them shut, don't blink, don't move... Oh, I can feel them staring at me, breathing, bumping the bed...  "Mommy..."  they whisper.  I lay still, fake a snore... Maybe they'll go to the other side and wake their daddy up. 

Bandit and Penny
I just wonder what would happen if parents woke up early on a Saturday, before their kids, sneak into their rooms, and jump on their beds begging them to get up so we could watch some home improvement show or go to the store for groceries, lumber, fabric, or car parts.

We are working towards the Empty Nest.  Youngest is 16 and clearly loves his sleep and it has been many years since we've had someone romping on the bed begging for us to wake up... Until last weekend... *sigh*

5:30 a.m.  Yes, 5:30 a.m., these two goofballs bounded up on our bed with tennis balls and chew tire.  Honey attempted to hide the ball under the covers, but Penny the hound, dove under the covers and frantically began searching. Covers were flying, dogs were growling and barking.  We ended up laughing our heads off.    I've got to teach these dogs that Saturdays are days to sleep in!

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