Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Listen with your heart

 It was one phone call, but he had them before.  A "customer"  was needing a new key made because they had lost theirs.  The "customer" kept repeating information that wasn't relevant to the situation, but he could hear someone in the background.  After requesting to talk to the other person, and then the customer again, the customer's present family came back on the line.  Honey spoke to the family and mentioned he had some concerns about the situation, and then there was silence on the other end.  It is hard to say those words, to admit it out loud, but quietly and sadly, the young family member confessed that the customer had Alzheimer's and they were in fact not allowing the customer to drive because it was dangerous.  It really saddened Honey to hear the pain and know the struggle they were going through and the journey they were on.

I remember the first time I admitted out loud to someone that my Mom had Alzheimer's.  It was so hard and made it seem all-the-more real. It hurt deep down in my heart and I dreaded the journey.

I am thankful for individuals who listen with their hearts.  To the police/troopers who come across an individual who is confused or lost and contact family and get them home.  To the business individuals who do not take advantage of them.  When Mom started showing alarming signs that we were not aware of, the bank, eye doctor, post master, and caring townspeople contacted us. That spoke so highly to us and showed us how much they truly cared.  While it would be so easy to not get involved - it's not our problem right?  There could be repercussions... 

Sometimes it takes just a phone call to check in, dropping by, a hug, or a smile.  Thank you to those that dare to care and listen to your heart. I really hesitated at posting this, I'm always second guessing myself, but I will.  It's really a thank you, so I'll quit while I can.  


Raiine said...

Beautifully written as always. Especially when you share your heart. Love you to the moon & back!

Aspiring Mom2three said...

Thank you Raine, Sometimes I have a hard time voicing those thought. So many people don't want to get involved, it is uncomfortable, or they have no experience with the situation, don't know what to say or do, or they are unaware of the difficulties a person or family is experiencing. I know this goes for any situation, one simply fills the blank in with a different affliction/disease/situation. Love you as much as well.