Monday, July 28, 2008

Mega-Monster Hotdog Stick

In the midst of all the "gotta do's" we found an easy solution to lunch time problem.
  • * cut down tree
  • *burn brush pile (thankfully we did this before the burn ban!)
  • *work on truck
  • *mow *straighten up house

Last year, Connor had to come up with an invention for a project at school. He was supposed to invent something that we needed at the house. We sat on this one for a few days until we thought of one... This was his presentation dialogue:

Ever been to a hot dog roast without enough hot dog sticks? Well, with my Mega-Monster Hot Dog stick that won’t happen. With this invention, you won’t keep people waiting in line for a stick or hot dog. It will hold up to 11 hot dogs, everyone can eat at the same time. Plus, with a longer handle, you won’t get too close to the fire and bun you hand off. The reason I made this was to put an end to having to wait on hog dogs. Using the blades of a rake, a cooper stick, and screws, making this was quite cheap. Fire and hotdogs not included.

One thing we all agreed on, Saturday lunch was fast, easy, and yummy thanks to Connor's nifty invention. I was thankful I didn't have to stand over the fire with a single stick or we would have been eating something totally different! Personally his Momma calls it "A Redneck Weiny roaster". He told this to his class and they thought it was hilarious! One word of caution - if you decide to make this contraption, take a hot pad out with you, the cooper tube handle gets hot!


shawnda said...

I love the invention and I loved hearing him tell about it durning rise and shine. He got lots of laughs. We need to borrow it for the next youth group camp out!

Aspiring Mom2three said...

You are most certainly welcome to borrow it! Just don't forget the hot pads! He loved seeing it used on Saturday. Made him feel so good! I think everyone agreed that the hot dogs tasted better as well! I know I loved it because it didn't take me near as long as the old stick would have.