Friday, September 5, 2008

Home invader - is this my prince?

We dropped our bags on the kitchen table from our grocery shopping, tired and just glad to be home. As we were unloading them, Connor decided to start on his chores when we discovered we were not alone. I guess he was startled when we came in and tried to hide by staying still. I can't believe our cat didn't discover him, but glad she didn't. He froze, covered by (gasp) dust. Who know into what horrible spaces he had invaded, but clearly, his disguise failed to work. He moved quietly, slowly (who wouldn't with all that dust on him) at first. Then frantic to escape, he jumped...
and landed right in the TRASH!!! Taking pity on the poor creature, I took him outside to wash him off and set him free. This is not the first time we've been invaded by the lovely tree frog. When it rains, they feel the need to come inside. Usually we find them in the bathroom.
By the time he was rinsed off he was looking quite cute, but not enough to kiss him. I figured he would be quite a short prince, and I already have a most wonderful Prince of a husband. Why waste the kiss. He sat nicely for his picture shoot and left quietly. I don't think we'll see him again, but late in the evenings, when all else is quiet and our windows are open, I suspect he will seranade us with his throaty evening song and will join the chorus with others in the back yard.


Flourchild said...

Cute little frog! I hope your weekend is wonderful. God bless you!

Christine said...

What an adorable little froggie... How fun!