Thursday, September 11, 2008

Mercy and Grace

Ever had one of THOSE days???
- Yesterday -
With only 4 hours of sleep
Dear Aunt passes away after long battle with Leukemia
waking with a headache
funeral is Friday - in KS
locking my keys in my car
sobbing in the bread aisle
having hubby rescue me...
laundry is piling up
dear son needs library books for research paper
(for English class on Thursday)
and we don't have a library card where the books are
car refuses to start last night...
Yesterday I was reminded how quickly I let the circumstances pull me down when I'm tired and things just don't go the way I think they should.
I have a book that I love to read over and over: Espresso for Your Spirit: Hope and Humor for Pooped Out Parents by Pam Vredevelt. Chapter 5, Ruts starts out with Hebrews 4:16:
16Therefore let us draw near with confidence to the throne of grace, so that we may receive mercy and find grace to help in time of need.
Pam talkes about getting out of the Slump Syndrome with Grace. The slump may be a way of our body is telling us we need to slow down, regroup and get some restoration.
"We give ourselves grace when we refuse to expect more from ourselves than we can possibly deliver. We give ourselves grace when we grant ourselves permission to rest, sleep, play, take a break, and get alone with God. A few minutes of quiet interaction with God can get us out of a rut much faster than striving, trying harder, and forcing ourselves into overdrive."
So what am I to do? I am looking for those blessing when I'm in a rut.
God sent me gentle reminders throughout the day that, even though it was rough.
Unexpected friend to calm me down
while waiting for hubby to arrive on his "white horse" to rescue me;
Dear aunt is no long in pain and safe in Jesus arms;
Dear friend lends me library card to check out books;
dear friends call to check on me
friends help jump car so I could get home
Dear hubby takes care of stressed wife
I smelled the laundry! My nose if semiworking!
Young son worked hard at doing school
gentle rain
gentle hugs
Thank you God for your Grace and blessings in the midst of a meltdown. Thank you for your reminders that You are there - You never left, but were waiting... waiting for me with arms open wide, full of grace and mercy.


kel said...

Sounds like quite a week. Thoughts and prayers.

Flourchild said...

Im glad Im not the only one who has those days. God bless you and so sorry about your Aunts passing. I hope your week is going well. The book you read sounds great.