Thursday, September 18, 2008

Somehow it happened...

I'm not so sure how it happened,
but it did somehow.
I remember the feeling
when I found you would be joining our family
I was secretly thrilled
and my heart stilled
as I thought about the heart and child
that God had place inside,
we would soon meet.
Nine months went so slow,
we were anxious, just so you know.
We had a picture of you, all so perfect,
And they were right!
Those blue-berry blue eyes,
mesmorized me as I looked into your eyes.
One heart wrapped in love formed by His hands
What an adventure you have been,
We watched you fight with all you had
to learn those things some do so easily
We prayed for you, celebrated your victories
We're so thankful for the laughter you bring,
you have an endless thirst for knowledge
adventure, books, and animals.
Our greatest thrill was
watching you accept Him
into your heart a few years ago.
From your first heartbeat, first breath,
first steps, first words...
You're going to have a lot of First in your life,
but I'm so glad that He is first in your life.
Happy 10th Birthday!

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Flourchild said...

Lovely! Happy Birthday to your 10 year old! My baby will be 11 in Oct.!