Monday, December 15, 2008

1 week overdue, 16 years later

This is a special edition of "Not Me!" Monday sponsored by McMama at My Charming Kids. I have to tell you that this is hard for me to write the opposite of what I mean when I'm talking about one of my kids!
  1. 1. I am not the mother of a 16 year old. I guess when Oldest was born those 16 years ago, I thought, so it seemed, that he would be little forever - from diapers to t-ball, learning phonics and 1+1 . Not Me.
  2. The years have Not flown by, and this morning did not wonder how the little wee boy I used to hold and rock is now asking for the key to the car.
  3. 2. It has not been fun to see him grow from this 8.7 lb wonder to a 5'8" (we're not holding our breath to see if he keep going) young man! We've not gone to countless baseball and basketball games, band concerts, and cheered him on. I'm sure we'll not go to countless more. No more prayers, no more laughter.
3. This morning did not come faster than I thought it ever would. I must say that I really have enjoyed most of Caleb's growing up. Truthfully, the 2's were the roughest, but Focus on the Family, a lot of prayers, time-out (for both of us) and a lot of spankings brought us through. 3. We are not looking forward to seeing what wonderful things God is going to do with his life. We have not prayed countless prayers over him, his education, character, his future spouse, his choices.We are not proud of him. I do not love his goofyness, his competitve spirit, his huge hugs, the tenderness I see him give to those younger (except his brother). I do not love to watch him as he is asked to serve communion and he does it respectfully and with thought. We do not encourage him to seek out his interest - even if that means we have 1 snake, 6 mice, 2 dogs and 2 cats, sports cards stacked up, and . 4. I do not love to have him in the kitchen, to see him just cook on a whim, learn, try, and share. II am not proud of the fact that this 16 year old knows how to make pizza and hamburger buns from scratch! Nope not me! 5. I do not love to watch him with Honey, to see the bond that they've developed over the years. I will not mourn the day when Oldest leaves us to spread his wings, to live and dream. We did not send Oldest and Only to Australia for a trip with People to People Student Ambassadors when they had never be on a plane or out of the country. We do not love Oldest... *sniff* no we do not..


Unknown said...

wow, I was looking at the pictures of him - I never realized that youngest looks so much like oldest!
I can't believe he's sixteen...
Happy birthday to him!

Lorie said...

Why does growing up have to be so bittersweet? I absolutely CANNOT stand the thought of having no children in my house...I really can't.
I feel your pain and joy....growing up is what we want for them but slowing it down is what we want for us.