Wednesday, June 2, 2010

What were we thinking?

Monday, our family decided to go hiking. That alone should have clued us in that something was wrong. Since Honey said we were going to get out of the house, he said I could pick where we were going.  That, again, should have given us a clue that all was not right.  Petit Jean State Park was our choice of torture. 

I have to tell you our dog HATES riding in the vehicle, so we gave her 3 pepperoni laced Benadryls to help with her car sickness.  She kindly waited until we got there 2 hours later until she threw up... But wait, that wasn't the best part.  It was slightly crowded, but we finally found a place to park and a table to eat lunch at...  Yep, it started down pouring rain!  Waiting it out a few minutes, we were thankful it was a short burst of rain - just enough to help the humidity move it.  Don't you just love it!

As you can see all looked well at the beginning of our hike.  It was beautiful and God constantly was reminding me of not only the beauty He had created, smidgen of lessons He wanted me to get. I kept telling Him I just wanted to enjoy the time with my family... that and please let me make it to the end without fall on my face or anyone breaking anything. 


The hike to Cedar Falls was strenuous and they weren't kidding!  The 95-foot falls was beautiful and we really enjoyed just the time to rest and watch all the other people playing under the falls.  By the time we finally hiked back out of there, the kids were calling to the dog to encourage her to finish, and I was calling to the kids to encourage me to finish!  The poor dog was so tired  she was begging to get back into the truck so she could lay down and rest. I think she slept all the way home and was all too glad to see her doggy pillow!  Our only reprieve was the stop at Dairy Queen in Russellville on our way back home... Ahhh!

Okay, just to tell you, the whole trip was not torture.  We laughed many times, were able to relax, met some interesting people (a Gulf War vet, a quilter, some super energetic parents carrying their children in baby backpacks, laughing children, a few people with dogs).  We didn't talk much because we were concentrating on where to step and looking around. It seemed just a TAD bit harder than it was 10 yrs. ago when Honey and I went for our 10th Anniversary, and I'm not so sure that we're going back for our 30th in ten years, but you never know!   

Have you gone hiking or on an outing with your family recently?  Leave me a note and tell me a little about it if you please or leave me a link to your blog if you've already posted about it.  I'd love to hear about it!
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Go, Lynnet!

gv said...

Despite the rain and humidity (yuck!), it sounds like a great day to me!!!