Thursday, December 16, 2010

Mommyhood: An 18 year experience

6 weeks
Tuesday I had a dream that I was pregnant.  Let me tell you it was so real, but so totally medically impossible.  Have you ever had a dream like that?  It's the excitement and some dread about finding out you're expecting - the morning sickness that can haunt you, the first tickles give you a thrill, the weight gain, worry about how they are developing and knowing that there is nothing you can do but trust God with that little one.

I remember the first time that stick showed two lines and how that gift from God made me a mommy 18 years ago yesterday.
He does not remember a time of not having Only as a playmate.

Sweet 3 yr. old


full of laughter


strong willed
Sports nut



a spirit of orneryness

hates to read

sports minded

heart for others

Traveled to Belize twice for missionary work
Honey and Oldest
experimental cook

hard worker

musically talented - played trumpet since 3rd grade

goofy at times

loves to sleep

It's hard to believe that that boy who made me a Momma all those years ago, has grown up so quickly.  We're so proud of him and so much look forward to seeing what God is going to do with him, where He leads him.  It's scary to think that he's going to be going to college next year, but  just like all those years ago when I carried him, we'll trust God with that as well.

**Turns out that "mourning sickness" I had in my dream... Only and I came down with the flu late last night... A dream became a nightmare. School canceled and I'm thankful for the kindness of friends who have dropped off sprite and stuff, picked up Youngest so he could get out of the house, and just sent me text messages of well wishes.



Mend quickly, my friend. I'd rather have the flu then be pregnant :).


Raine said...

Your son is all grown up! Time truly does fly. You have much to be proud of.

Shelly said...

Crazy how quick our children grow. We want to keep them young forever sometimes. Learning to spread their wings and fly on their own can be scary or nerve racking for a parent too.