Monday, June 20, 2011

Gifts of Grace

Some recent Gifts of Grace
  1.  Honey's 21 yrs at the same job
  2. Expensive meds cheaper via generics and insurance
  3. Honey cleaning and organizing the garage.
  4. Protection for Raine's husband when faced with demonic druggie at work
  5. Friend has Stage 0 breast cancer - thankfully they caught it early
  6. Oldest's enrolled in college classes
  7. Oldest's college paid for via Pell Grants and scholarships (we even get $$ back to use for books!!!)
  8. Men who step in to be daddies for those who have lost theirs
  9. Quiet Sunday afternoons 
  10. Morning kisses from the kids
  11. Movie night and pizza with family


Susan Mc. said...

College....oh my....hope it's not to far away. Those were some hard days for me in the beginning! Good for Him though!

Anonymous said...

make that "too" far away. : )