Friday, August 19, 2011

Circling around and leaving a mark

When I left the public school system a few years ago, I didn't think I would really use my teaching degree again (past homeschooling our two school age kids).  I've worked in public schools, a preschool when Oldest was little, a private University Model school, and homeschooling.  This last May, I ended a three year term as a private teacher for a family whose child has ADD and Aspergers.  So what am I going to do when I grow up??? 

This week, it hit me...  I've got these sweet little girls God has put in my life!   So this week we started doing some fun learning activities and they seem to love it!

Happy Things
Yesterday's theme I planned ahead of time (Mice), and had no idea that Only would wake up to find one crawling ACROSS her bedroom floor!  She's not been back in her by herself yet, but we'll catch that pesky critter!   **Cute and Pesky Mouse was caught late last night by Youngest and has been reunited with his ancestors -  all is well.

Each morning, after breakfast and watching an episode of Super Why, we're head to the living room for a little "Circle Time"
"Ashy, Ashy, Fall Down!"

  • Singing songs
  • reading books
  • talking and asking questions
  • Bible Story
  • talking about direction and placement
    (I use an old Beanie Baby Frog that "leaps and crawls" under, over, on top, below, in, out, etc. of places)
    Our Direction  Frog
 and if the girls are in a really good mood, a craft or science project.  Yes, I know we are talking about 3 girls under the age of 3 - call me crazy...

Mouse Paint
Mice show how to mix primary colors
 Yesterday day we had a great day talking about mice, counting, singing, doing London Bridges, finding Thumbkin, and learning how God made the world.

Miss I mixing colors

 We had to find out how those pesky mice mixed their colors by doing it ourselves and boy did we have fun!
Miss AB Mixing colors

A Trio of Lunch time fun

Surprisingly, there was not a huge mess, especially with Miss AB.  I later found out this was her first time doing finger painting. 

I'm very thankful for the great parents who allow me the opportunity to watch their girls and to get to know them better.  Each day is different,  but we learn something new each day.  I have really enjoyed getting to know the moms more each day and look forward to their brief visits at the end of the day.


Kristi McInerney said...

We love Circle Time here in my home! Basically it's our favorite time of the day, besides meals or riding our bikes!

Great job!


Sounds like you are having a great time . . . and the kids, they must love it.


Anonymous said...

You are so creative! Have you heard of "Christopher Churchmouse" kids love to read the stories. They have great morals as well!

Anonymous said...

*shiver* I'm still scarred from the mouse incident.
Good thing Youngest was my "knight in shining armor" that night. Sure do love that kid.