Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Bugs, bats, natives and other tropical encounters

Short video about the trip

On July 30th, Oldest and Only left for Belize for a week long mission trip with 19 other short term missionaries. I really wanted to share a little bit of what they did:

Miss J and Only at the Mayan Ruins
They went to church at the Dump today and studied Luke 4.  They also went to the Mayan Ruins and to eat ice cream.  They are looking forward to tomorrow.  They are going to walk the streets of Bella Vista visiting and praying with people.  May possibly do a building project.  Thanks for praying...keep it up!   One of the girls woke up with a 103 temp, ...

1.  Everyone is healthy!
2.  They had a great day today ministering to children.  They did a bible study and made bracelets with the 60 children that showed up.
3.  Tomorrow they will be passing out sugar.  Sugar is difficult to get there.  They were able to buy 300 pounds of sugar today and are excited to give it away tomorrow.

 From Only:     
Only on the way to a village
  Hey! Hope you're having a good week. I sure do miss you guys a lot. Can't wait to come home on Saturday and tell you all about the trip.
      It rained on Sunday and Monday so was pretty cool most of the day without the sun out.
      Tuesday in Bella Vista was hot hot hot because the sun was while out all day. Which made everyone irritable and grouchy. (Not to mention the bugs are more aggressive this year in my opinion.) But the kids who showed up seemed to really enjoy making bracelets and listening to the Bible story. There is a bit of a language barrier because most of the kids and families speak Spanish and Kache.
300 lbs of sugar
      Today we're going back to Bella Vista and I think we're going to distribute sugar around the village because Belize is going through a sugar shortage. Then we'll be back to show a movie later that night at the river of life church for the teenagers. Please pray that well be safe out there cause it can get pretty sketchy at night, because it's in a secluded part of the village.
       We've decided that we're going to leave a day early for the resort. :D So Thursday morning will be our clean up day at The Dump and we'll be leavng for the resort after our day in the village. As you can imagine we're all pretty excited about this. :)
I can't wait to see you guys Saturday!! Love and miss you guys soooooooooooooooooo much. Tell Youngest I can't wait to see him! :D

Only with Belize kids
Tuesday, Aug. 2:  What a great day the team had yesterday.  On Monday, they walked the village just talking with people.  That opened the door for passing out the sugar yesterday.  They had a great time doing that.  As they passed out the sugar they invited people to come and watch one of the Jesus films.  They had 176 people show up!  Praise the Lord!  

Oldest ended up waking up one morning to discover he had somehow rolled over on a small black scorpion while he was sleeping and killed it without being stung.  We were so thankful for that!  He actually brought it back with him in a ziplock bag.  Gas was between $5.80-$6 a gallon (US currency). They also encountered bats, lizzards, iguanas, sand fleas (very painful), parrots, and many Belizian people hungry for God in their lives. 

Show us some feet after walking!
1) Walked the village of Bella Vista, Belize, meeting and praying with people, 
2) had 60-70 kids for VBS at River of Life church. Tom taught the kids about "let the children come unto me," while the others made bracelets with the kids, 
3) 176 people showed up for the movie on Wednesday night, led to many fruitful conversations, etc., 
4) prayed for local sick folks, 
5) reconnected with folks from past trips. 
At the Beach

Thursday  About 3:00 (4 our time) they will be leaving the village to head to Jaguar Reef.  They should get there after dinner time.  Once there, they should have access to WiFi again…so be watching for those facebook updates J
Only and Honey - Home at last


 Thanks for reading about what the kids did in Belize.  Our family is looking forward to hearing and seeing how God is going to use this to impact their lives. 

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