Monday, August 15, 2011

Gifts of Grace

   Recent Gifts of Grace

  1. Having food on the table, the whole family around - laughter and love
  2. Jello for sore throats
  3. Tissues with Lotion - Oh so soft!
  4. Sewing machines to make sewing faster and easier
  5. Protection for Oldest when a shooting and triple murder happened just 3 blocks where he was working.  The killer was not caught until a week later in MI
  6. Weeks groceries only $42 cash!!!  Gotta love Aldi's
  7. Two sets of contacts free to tie me over until my eye check up, this is after I had gone past my change date on my last pair. 
  8. Belize trips are both completely paid for!
  9. Re-reading stories of funny things our kids said or did when they were little tykes
  10. Oldest and Only arrive safely in Belize with their Mission Team.
  11. Youngest arrives safely home from Boy Scout camp
  12. Relaxing massage
  13. Oldest and Only arrive safely home after a week in Belize
  14. Fire fighters and police working in the 110º+ heat
  15. Sweet juicy watermelon - a 35 pound gift from Crabtree Farms!  Oh so yummy and delicious!
  16. Choices in education
 If you would like to join in recording the Gifts that He has given you, or would like to learn about "A Dare to Live Fully, Right Where you Are: One Thousand Gifts , go to Ann's blog at A Holy Experience and join people from all walks of life and places in the world as we Count His Gifts.

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