Sunday, August 19, 2012

Mr. Destructo with four paws and a bad habit

chewed strap
Why does it only take a cute puppy one minute to chew the LOWER strap off a $62 Swiss Army Wenger Laptop backpack, but it takes me $2.30 AND 2.5 hrs to attach a new strap by hand?

  I would have used the old strap, but it was digested and the outcome was not pretty. 
fixed strap
  I know that location is the key, so I requested Oldest to please locate his backpack to a higher elevation! I really think Bandit should have been named Chewy, but Bandit fits because he is a bit of an outlaw due to his destructive habit.

Have you had to deal with a pet that chews all the time? Do you have any practical solutions you can share?


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