Thursday, August 16, 2012

Jingle to the potty

I've never had to potty train a dog or cat before (kids don't count in this post - though I've done my share).
9 weeks old
I thought potty training a child was trying, but at least they wear a diaper. Dogs in the other hand - its not an option that I'm aware of in my tiny world.

When Oldest brought home this incredibly cute little puppy one evening from work, we all fell in love.  He was cute, playful, and soon attached himself to our German, like a surrogate momma.  Oldest knew he would have full responsibility for this new family member, but never knew that potty training was going to be so trying!  I guess we thought he would "magically" pick up on how Lady tells us she has to go and do the same... Uh, No!  Dog Doesn't bark inside and he had not way

I think my carpets have been spot cleaned close to 50 times since he came to live with us last year.  And let's not even talk about everything time he didn't tell us and left it WHERE EVER.  Major Yuck!!! 

9 months old
One evening, while visiting some friends, we noticed they had some jingle bells hanging from their back door - where the take the dog outside for potty duty. Every time their dog had to go out, they would jingle the bells.  Pretty soon, their dog started jingling the bells on her own.  No more indoor pooping parties!   GENIUS!!! 

As soon as we got home, we dug out some old jingle bells and put them on the door.  Our poor German looked at us like we were nuts, especially after kept saying "Potty" and jingling the bells.  SHE already knew how to tell us she need to use the outdoor facilities.

Well, slowly, this little cuttie came to understand that he HAD to jingle the bells and then we would open the door.  BINGO!!!  Now it's habit and we've not had any messes from him since.   The funny thing is, once we were all in the front of the house and didn't hear the bells, but Lady did.  She came and got me, lead me to the back door where there he waiting - jingling the bells.   

 So this is how we potty trained our son's cute little puppy.  Have you had to potty train a puppy?  What method did you try and were you successful?  I'd LOVE to hear your story!


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