Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Youngest's cardiology checkup

Alarm set for 4 a.m.
Way to early for me
But because of Dr. appt,
3 hrs away, It has to be

Arrived 45 min early
Was done in record time
Youngest has a "perfect" heart
Working just the way it should.
Time for rejoicing
for broken hearts healed.
See you in two more Years!

EKG and cardiologist
Seeing the old CVICU unit
So many memories of nurses and staff  make each checkup
A celebration of the heart

Only and her boyfriend, GUITAR MAN
Went with to help drive
Played a cruel funny joke
On this tired mom with a migraine.

While I was reading
a really really good book
GUITAR MAN starts yelling,
slams on the breaks
I look up to see a semi coming our direction going the wrong way.
Actually it was being towed and only. I smacked him hard on the back of his head with My Book.

"Revenge Will be mine," Sayeth the Mom! "mwahahahahahah!"

Thank you God for watching over Youngest today and his heart checkup!
ARCH - a small part of the BIG part

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So grateful for your good report.