Wednesday, June 18, 2008


According to Webster, Aspire means to seek to attain or accomplish a particular goal. The Latin means to to breathe upon. Roget's Thesaurus aludes to soaring, having a purpose or plan, have every intention, or to desire or cling to hope, and hunger after.

This makes me wonder - what goals have I sought throughout my life?
Different time in my life have brought about different aspiration as you can see:

own a horse
be a veterinarian
break and train a horse
be a creative writer
visit foreign countries
read my Bible more consistently
graduate from college
be a wife
go to culinary school
get caught up on laundry
be a Godly mom
de-clutter my house
not yell or nag at my kids
eat healthier and exercise
be someone my family can be proud of
be myself instead of whom others believe I am
write my recipes in a book for my kids
to teach our cat a trick
be able to remember things better
be more kind, patient, and understanding
really listen to my children
not let things bother me so much - be more easy going
be more frugal
understand everything I read
find something I could do from home
laugh more
finish a project
communicate better
Have I really reached any of those goals? I owned 2 horses and trained my colt (when I was younger). Schooling? I couldn't handle the math to become a Vet and haven't made it to culinary school (if you don't count my kitchen and the kitchens of others) but have a teaching degree. I'm the wife of one incredibly handsome man and mom to three quickly growing amazing kids. Laundry? Are you kidding? I did teach the cat to sit up and beg, sometimes she will even speak ("meow" not barking). I'm still working on finishing up my on-line schooling - would love to finish in the next century. The rest of my aspirations? God is still working on me and it may take quite some time, but He's not given up on me yet. My desire is to soar to the heights that God has for me and to be the child that He created me to be.

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Anonymous said...

I have never really thought about my aspirations much, however, now that I have read your blog I wonder what aspirations I have. Thanks for the inspiration. God Bless and good luck on being an aspiring mom.