Thursday, June 19, 2008

Birds, squirrels, rats, and mice oh my

Millet, corn, sunflower, thistle
finches, sparrows, thrasher, Oriole
Grackles, cardinals, cowbirds and chickadee,
all gather round to eat the seed
brown furry thing wanting to feed
Field mouse? Cotton rat? Yep, Squirrel's back...
Cat is watching from inside the house
Chatting and calling, ready to pounce.
Mom, let's trap the mouse
to keep in the house
we can get another to breed
and use their pinkies to feed
Bindi, the pet corn snake
For goodness sake!
That is absurd,
Dad surely mis-heard!

The short of the long
Two mice now belong
Jerre, black and gray
She's sweet and likes to play
Tom, white and not the least friendly
when he is touched, runs on the wheelly.
Who knew two mice with cute soft fur
in our house, to cause a stir.

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