Tuesday, July 15, 2008

While the kids are away...

This week my kids are at Life Skills Camp at church. It's actually for kids pre-K-6th grade, but Caleb and Claire are volunteering as helpers. It was fun to listen to them tell about their day yesterday filled with welding, setting up camp, cooking, and more. I had to giggle as Claire recounted the kids trying to start a fire with two sticks and Mr. Tims bribe of ice cream if they could. Oh, then there is Connor! Bless that child! He walked in the door yesterday and handed me two metal flowers that he welded yesterday. I was so surprised! Welding! Mike Crawford must have had fun with that bunch! He talked about why they had to wear the welding mask and how cool it was. I can't wait to hear about all the different things they are doing the rest of the week!
While the kids are gone, I'm practicing my own life skills - making bread, laundry, cleaning, school work, updating the calendar, making phone calls, talking to the cat, and... okay, so I do this everyday. Not near as exciting as what the kids are doing.
Yesterday, the sweet girl that I tutor came over and we worked on math skills in a different way. We made Snickerdoodle cookies. I must say, all I did was supervise and we worked through the recipe with fractions, multiplication, and adding while we also practiced reading and following directions. We had a wonderful time and the cookies quickly disappeared after they were baked, though mysteriously - some of the dough disappeared as well. She did an awesome job and I'm so proud of her!

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