Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Rain and mercy

Mercy is falling
Is falling - is falling
Mercy, it falls
Like the sweet spring rain
Mercy is falling
Is falling all over me
I receive your mercy
I receive your grace
I will dance forevermore
These last few days, I've been so much reminded of this song by David Ruis that we've sang in church before . After the 100+ยบ temps we've been having, it is absolutely wonderful to sleep with the windows open, turn off the air conditioner, and just enjoy the sweet smell of a cool summer rain throughout the day and night.
When it rains, there is a little girl that I think of, Gracie, that told me it is important that she gets to dance in the rain. She made me think about so many things, but mostly about priorities, grace, and mercy. I just wonder... when God pours out his mercy, will I be dancing and rejoicing or will I be too busy to realize what a sweet gift He has given.
There have been other times that when it rains it is not so sweet. We've personally watched the stream rise, the waters seep into our home, and the aftermath of clean up. At those times, I've stood at my washer and just cried out to God to stop the rain. I wonder if Noah did that (not that he had a dryer)? After the rain, there is opportunity for healing and rebuilding. So I guess my question is: Will I dance in the rain knowing there is mercy and grace or will I spend my time mourning the time that it is falling. Please gently remind me the next time that rain starts to pour on our humble home that I need to dust off my dancing shoes, lift up my hands and accept His mercy and grace.

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Flourchild said...

Thank you for sharing. May God bless your day. Thank you for the comment on Steven too. Im so blessed with a man of God!