Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Lessons learned..

School has started back up for most by now, and at our house, we are constantly learning - whether we're doing school or not. Here are a few things we have learned. The sad thing is, most of these we really know or have experienced, but forgotten. These are not major lessons, but rather experiences If you read this post, can you leave me a message and share what you have learned? 1. That school goes much better when you don't whine 2. We can laugh and learn and enjoy school. 3. Connor should not sit in a folding chair during school. 4. Going to highschool is exciting, but searching for you locker is an adventure. 5. Sometimes Mom starts fixing supper at breakfast. 6. Not all lessons are learned during school. 7. Learning to jump rope can be hard, but having two turners makes it easier. 8. Prayer makes all the difference. 9. The family does not like whole wheat pancakes. 10. Mom is more stubborn than Connor. 11. Marching band is hard and tiring, but fun. 12. 6 a.m. comes really early when you stay up late to watch the Olympics. 13. There are some cool tricks to doing long division. 14. There are no cool tricks to in doing algebra. 15. Giving the teacher a hug and kiss will not get you out of doing school. 16. Sleeping with the windows open is wonderful. 17. Our golden retriever chasing frogs outside the window is not wonderful when we're sleeping. 18. Using the dry erase board is more fun than pencil and paper. 19. The cat is not learning at all when she sits on the school table. 20. A doctors office visit can turn into a field trip. 21. Even when you are not feeling well, you do school. 22. Mom does laundry, dishes, and reports during school. 23. Standing up during school (because Mom won't let you sit in a folding chair) is not fun. Even a kitchen chair is more comfortable. 24. When Mom is typing reports, she can watch Connor behind her using a small mirror. :) 25. Shopping for groceries, doing laundry, cooking dinner, and picking up the house counts for Home Ec. (Family Living). 26. Daughters can make good hair dressers. 27. Sometimes doing the right thing, is not the easy thing. 28. Don't try to sneak off to your room to play with legos when Mom goes to the other room during school. 29. When you get to highschool, Mom and Dad seem to pray more. 30. It's okay to laugh and joke at the dinner table, just don't sing. 31. There are so many hurting hearts.

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Flourchild said...

Can you believe were back to school all ready!? I love your list and I can so relate to many of them listed.
Our morning went well. Im so blessed with some really great kids. We prayed together before we hit the world. I know they will be fine, hey..there in the Master's hands, so how can I worry? God bless you and keep up the good work, your a wonderful mom.