Wednesday, September 3, 2008

The Spirit that lives in my home...

Humans are curious by nature, curiosity is not only a feline trait. Have you ever driven by a house at night and caught yourself looking in, if the window blinds are up and the lights are on? Wondering who lives there, how they've decorated, what do they do. Am I the only person with this type of curiosity? I'm not sure about you, but our family enjoys looking at houses. We've played that game with our kids and ourselves: "That's my dream home" or "I wonder what it's like on the inside, " or "Oh! I love the way..." Mind you, we're not peeping toms, or stalkers, but we're curious and we're dreamers... While looking out my kitchen window yesterday, I was reminded of a popular country group, Lonestar, that has a catchy tune out From my Front Porch Looking In. It talks about what's on the inside of the house that matters, the family. It got me to thinking of those people that drive by my house. Okay, so we don't live in a mansion or astute neighborhood, but it's our house and it has become our home through the years. What would you see if you drove by or even stopped by our house? Now be warned, this is where we live and it actually looks like we live here. Martha Stewart nor HGTV have ever visited here, and we'll never be featured on Better Homes & Gardens, but we want you to be at home. We will NOT pass the White Glove Inspection, but the EPA will not be shutting us down. What is home? To us it is a place where we belong, we can unwind, relax, and and feel safe. We are all homemakers, not just me. To borrow from Emily Barnes, Christian author and speaker, in her book "The Spirit of Loveliness"
A refuge is not a hole where you disappear to eat and sleep and then emerge to go about the business of life. A welcoming home is where real life happens. It's where personalities are nurtured, where growth is stimulated, where people feel free not only to be themselves but also to develop their best selves. That caring, nurturing quality -- not the absence of noise or strife -- is what makes a home a refuge"
You would be Welcome: Driving up to my house you may see the potted plants and flower bed out front filled with various treasures (special rocks given by my kids), things they have made, a basketball goal (kids like to play outdoors), a worn set of wood chairs (just right for stopping by to sit and visit in), welcome mat (Beware of the Cat) meant to warn and bring some humor. Come in! Come in! Kick your shoes off by the front door if you want. Pull up a chair at the kitchen table or get comfy in the living room. Make your self at home. Care to browse a magazine, children's book, photo album, or just sit back and take a nap? Don't mind the dust on the table or on the pictures. Can I get you some tea or water? The bathroom? Um... Oh... I hope it's clean! What is my goal in all this? Again, I turn to Emilie:
"For home is not a structure of wood, brick, metal or spackle. It is what grows within its walls, nurtured by the hearts and sounds of whose who live within... Open your hearts and allow your teachable spirit to develop a home and a life that are filled with caring and warmth and growth... and welcome." Emilie Barnes
If you visit here, hopefully you'll see treasures, memories, and maybe even an idea or two. We hope you'll laugh, snooze, chat, and relax. The invitation is open, just stop on by, but remember: If you come to see us, you're welcome anytime. If you come to see my home, please make an appointment, because, remember we live here, and we have bunnies that live on ceiling fans, under couches, and other various places. Next time, I'll try to make sure the bathroom is a little more clean! Does this mean that I'm completely comfortable with the way my house looks? Will I rush to straighten things up if I know you're coming? Probably. Why? Because my house is an extension of our family. How you view my home is how I see you view us. I hope that you will see that you are welcome
Matthew 25:35 'For I was hungry, and you gave Me something to eat; I was thirsty, and you gave Me something to drink; I was a stranger, and you invited Me in.

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Melissa said...

I have never felt more welcome or more comfortable than when I am in your home. You have a wonderful family that is genuine, loving, and simply beautiful! I feel so blessed to have been invited there. Anyone who is lucky enough to be a part of your lives is truly blessed! Love you!