Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Works-For-Me Wednesday

We love to make homemade pizza at our home. Making the dough really doesn't take much time, but it seems that everyone loves to have a different kind of pizza. To solve the problem, I use round cake pans! The dough recipe I use will make 2 personal pan pizzas or 1 large pizza per batch, so it is easy to figure out how many batches to make. I spray the cake pans with Pam Olive oil, roll out a small (a little bit larger than my fist) portion of the dough, and place it in the pan. I use my pizza cutter to cut off the excess dough by rolling the blade around the edge, just above the dough. You can make a thin or thick crust depending on how thick you roll out the dough. Put on your layer of sauce and create away. We lay all the ingredients out in containers and everyone can either construct their own pizza or I can make them up for them. Works me me!


Jodi said...

great idea - we also love making pizza at home - I use my breadmaker for the dough and it makes it so quick and easy! thanks for the great idea!

would love to have your dough recipe if you don't mind sharing...I'm always on the lookout for another good one!

Flourchild said...

Wow sounds good and easy. I love those kind of meals. Your blog is such a blessing to me!

Lorie said...

That sounds fabulous. Do you mind sharing your recipe? I have never made dough from scratch, but I would love to; and my kids would love to help me.
Thanks a ton!

Aspiring Mom2three said...


I posted the recipe back on my blog again. I'm so glad you stopped by! Love your blog and your insight. I love the title of your blog - I find myself doing that so much! When the kids were little, I would always make sure I had one of them with me, so if I did think out loud, everyone would think I was talking to the kids!
Let me know what you think about the pizza!