Monday, November 24, 2008

Not Me Monday

  1. I most certainly did not sleep in until 8:30 this morning, thoroughly not enjoying the kids not being in school this week. The cat and I did not snuggle for an extra two hours this morning.
  2. I did not take a big mess of chili over to our new neighbors as they are so "not" in the middle of a huge face-lift. The chili was not leftovers and my family was so "Not" tired of it!
  3. Hubby & I did not travel 2 hours by ourselves to Tulsa for the National Missionary Convention and we did not enjoy the quiet and time to talk.
  4. We did not see TONS of people we knew and visit for hours.
  5. We did not agree to bring three 5th graders back with us, one not being our son and his best friend, who certainly did not give DH and I a headache with their constant talking.
  6. I certainly did not spray whipped topping into my daughters mouth until she "foamed" at the mouth and then I did not laugh when she about lost it when laughing.
  7. I absolutely did not leave a huge sink full of dirty dishes hoping that one of my kids would not do them...
  8. I did not enjoy a Keven Costner movie (The Guardian) last night during my not hot bath while DH took the kids to youth activities at church.
  9. My oldest did not pass his road test for his drivers license this week and he did not get more excited about getting his own cell phone than his license. :)
  10. I did not send my balloon blowing child out of the room because I'm afraid of balloons.
  11. I am not in wonder that Only is doing typing and Spanish during her week off from school!
  12. I am not avoiding the laundry room, the vacuum, and the kitchen, nope, not me!
  13. I am not amazed that Only unloaded her dishes from the dishwasher and loaded the dirty dishes in the sink!!!
  14. I did not find my favorite SoBee Green Tea drink in the fridge this morning from my Hubby! Happy Day!


Sara @ Domestically Challenged said...

Ahh, If only our houses could be ordered w/out kitchens, laundry rooms and messy closets. Or came with a built in maid. Have a good week with the kids!

Deborah said...

I cannot wait until DH can take my kids to events at church so I can not watch grown up movies myself. I do send them to the park or his parents sometimes now though. I also prefer to avoid the laundry room, kitchen and vacuum but unfortunately they've been my close friends lately!

Lorie said...

I'm afraid of balloons too and fireworks!