Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Works-for-Me Wednesday

This is a little different Works-For-Me Wednesday, but this is what worked for me... My boys - they love to antagonize each other. Whether it's the "accidental" tripping, a touching something that the other is using/holding, standing in front of/beside, (though there are no knock-down drag-outs or hitting) ... it's in the house, in the car, in public, I could go on, but why put you through it! Okay, if you're rolling your eyes, nodding, or raising your hand in agreement, please let me know that our family is possibly normal. I would love to have Dr. Dobson or the Super Nanny , or our minister come, but I honestly think they'd probably tell me "this is normal!", but it drives BBW, Only, and I crazy! I was attempting to get all the baking started when I heard them in their bedroom - I'm not sure if it was the maniacal laugh of Oldest, the whining of Youngest or the cat running for cover, but I'd had it. I try to ignore it, I've nagged them, told them to stay away from each other, taken away privledges ... We're weary of it. I had asked them to help by packing, doing some laundry, and their chores... I threw my dishtowel on the counter and headed down the hall... (I'm sure at this point that my "Martha" alter-ego had taken over and was ticked that the boys were playing instead of helping out.) God intervened... I'm not sure why He waited until now to reveal this to me, but I sure could have used it years ago... instead of nagging or giving them another lecture... I took their hands, knelt in the middle of their room and prayed out loud:
"God, Thank you so much for giving these two boys to me. They make me laugh, cry, and they aggravate me. I pray You will lead them in their actions while they are home and when they are away. Be their guide, keep their hearts, thoughts, and actions pure. Give them hearts that follow after You. I pray you will guide them in their decisions, show them Your plans for them, and let their actions be a witness to others. Thank you once again for these boys. "
When I finished, I got up and walked away without saying a word, but as I left their room, my heart felt better and I heard Youngest whisper "Wow!" Only and I were talking this evening as I was taking yet another batch of rolls out of the oven, and she said "Mom, I sure hope you've never had to pray like that for me! "No Sweetie, daughters require a different type of prayer." Laughing, she kissed my cheek and replied "You can say that again!"


Anonymous said...

Super idea. And good timing for us. Our two youngest have been pistols lately. Thank you for the reminder!

Cecelia Dowdy said...

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Lorie said...

AWESOME Post....and just so you know....I have a "normal" family as well.
I always pray and thank God for my children, when they are driving me nuts, but I do it to myself. I think praying with them at those times is a fabulous idea.

momstheword said...

When our boys were younger and annoying each other we used to make them sit on the couch and hold hands, no talking aloud. They hated it but eventually would make faces at each other and get to giggling....discipline over. Our friends used to laugh at our "couch therapy."

We tried making them stand nose-to-nose once when they were arguing. The older one hated it but the younger one loved it so we couldn't use that discipline again.

They are now 15 and 19 and are pretty good friends so they never annoy each other anymore or anything, so we don't have to deal with it anymore. But I do remember the days....!

Thank for for visiting my blog today!

Unknown said...

Love this post.