Saturday, December 20, 2008

Devil's Den State Park picture collage

Honey and I took the kids (and the dogs) to Devil's Den State Park in Arkansas back in November and we had a fabulous time hiking, throwing the football, and relaxing. I just wanted to share a few pictures of Fall, now that it's Winter! I loved hearing the laughter of the kids and the calm sounds of the water, birds, etc... It was just a terrific day! The girls thought the best find was the soda machine next the wonderfully clean and warm bathrooms! Buddy and Lady both enjoy the rest they had when we stopped at the stream to skip rocks. I won't say who won that one, but it wasn't me! Youngest loved being out there - it was a grand adventure for him! I saw this old cabin across the stream and just had to get closer. Made me wonder who used to live there... I love the wonderful Fall colors that we see in Arkansas each year. Some years are better than others, but never-the-less, God uses a mighty paint brush and does some of His finest work!
When you walk through the woods, I want you to see ... The floating gold of a bumble bee, Rivers of sunlight, pools of shade Toadstools sleeping in mossy jade A cobweb net with a catch of dew Treetop cones against the blue Dancing flowers, bright green flies And birds that put rainbows in your eyes. When you walk through the woods, I want you to hear ... A million sounds in your eager ear The scratch and rattle of wind-tossed trees The rush as a timid chipmunk flees The cry of a hawk from the distant sky The purr of leaves when a breeze rolls by Brooks that mumble, stones that ring And birds that teach your heart to sing. When you walk through the woods, I want you to feel ... That no mere human could make this real Could paint the throb of a bullerfly's wing Could teach a wood thrush how to sing Could create these wonders of earth and sky There's something greater than you or I. When you walk through the woods and the birches nod Please, meet a friend of mine named God

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Unknown said...

Oh, it looks so pretty there :)
I want to go to Devil's Den with Luke sometime.
Once, Daddy took us kids (I think there were only three of us back then) during spring break, and there were icicles everywhere still, and a little half-frozen waterfall, and a few flowers sprouting up here and there... It was magical :)
I haven't been there in years.

btw, I love that poem!