Thursday, January 29, 2009

25 Random (or not so random) Things about Lynnet

There is a little meme going around Facebook and since I've been so absent about posting, I thought this possibly would be either boring, entertaining, enlightening, or TMI!

Rules: Once you've been tagged, you are supposed to write a note with 25 random things, facts, habits, or goals about you. At the end, choose 25 people to be tagged. You have to tag the person who tagged you. If I tagged you, it's because I want to know more about you.

1. When I was little, all I wanted to be was a Mom and wife. What was I thinking? This is the hardest job on the planet, but I wouldn't trade it for anything. I thank God the the beautiful children that He's loaned to us. They are a precious gift. They have enlarged our territories, our hearts, and our home. Without them, our lives would be dull and full of stuff... I love having a daughter that has become a tremendous blessing and two boys that have shown me how fun and rewarding boys can be. I'm going to miss them when they leave home.

2. We've home schooled more than public schooled.

3. I'm not a follow the rules person, which can really get one in trouble. I stick my foot in my mouth and most time I don't realize what I've said or how it's come out. I'm a rebel and pay dearly for it.

4. I wanted to go to veterinarian school, but knew I couldn't handle the math, so I did journalism for a few years, but didn't like how cut-throat it was, so I ended up in education. Still realize I can't do the math and it's so cut-throat! I got the best of both worlds with all the weird critters as well!

5. I was born in Okinawa, lived in FL and Boston, but loved growing up in a small town - you know the place, where every one knows you and your momma hears about what you did BEFORE you even get home!

6. I don't like sports, I don't mind NASCAR, can't stand football, but married a totally handsome football player, that knocks my socks off with his kindness, love, and devotion. The Razorbacks??? Don't get me started!

7. Okay, spent a month in Haiti with CIY. One of the most beautiful, yet destitute places on earth. Ate goat, threw spaghetti on the wall, saw roaches the size of a bird,swam in the ocean with sharks, and went to church with the chickens.

8. I love critters of all kinds, but horses and cats are my favorite. I used to have a pet chicken, rabbits, a bird that lived FOREVER, cats galore, gerbil, fish, and sea horses. Sorry dog lovers, but they smell, slobber, and jump on you. I can't stand wiener dogs, though a lot of people I know have them...

9. I got to interview L. Bruce Laingen (former 1979-81 Iranian Hostage) and James Doohan (Scotty from the original Star Trek) in college, met Twila Paris backstage, but was too tongued tied to talk, Dr. Ruth embarrasses me, and I'd love to have lunch with Darrell Waltrip!

10. Contrary to belief, I love food! I love to eat rich chocolate cake in a bowl with milk, love ICE CREAM (now that's a surprise), used to make chocolate chip cookie dough just to eat the dough (probably explains why I can't make a decent cookie), and I love to eat cake batter...

11. Speaking of food, I love to cook and bake, but didn't really learn how until I got married. Hubby just wishes I'd follow a recipe the same way twice or just following a recipe would be great! I love teaching my kids to cook, and seeing them experiment and get in there. I Love to bake bread, but I don't like using a bread machine because I love to feel how the dough feels in my hands.

12.I almost drowned when in 1st grade, don't like to swim (maybe this is why I'm claustrophobic)

13. I'm really dragging this out... I love to have people come over to eat, just for the chance to relax, cook, and have a lot of fun. We love to have company, hope they don't mind the dirt!

14. I'm so totally insecure and afraid of failing. Maybe that's why I have so many unfinished projects. Anyone want to help??? Some Mamma Mia therapy would be great!

15. Speaking of Mamma Mia, I love those sister chicks that accepts you for who you are, love you in spite of it, are not afraid to laugh, love, act crazy, cry, and dance. You know the ones... when your heart is breaking, they hold the pieces until God puts it back together.

16 I love my children fiercely, but am not afraid to let them fail so that they will learn to soar. I'm so proud of them, want them to follow His leading, realize their potential, and pick up their rooms. I love them as babies, toddlers (okay some of those were rough years), etc, but I'm really enjoying them as teens. I miss my babies though... :~(

17. My mother made me take Judo when I was in 1 & 2nd grades, but I really wanted to take gymnastics. they gave me a medal because they felt sorry for me. I flipped and pinned my oldest once when he was giving me a hard time and he's more cautious now! :~)

18. I had a pen pal from Finland for 25 years and regret that we ever lost touch.

19. Worked as a counselor in the inner-city with EAPE in Camden, NJ for two summers. Best time of my life! I think I'd still be there if I hadn't met the most wonderful man in the universe! I laughed harder, cared deeply, learned hard lessons, saw places and people I've never forgotten, swam in the Philly Art Museum fountain (remember the steps that Rocky ran up?), seen NY, the Poconos, a monastery, and Washington DC, attended a bagpipe concert, slept in skives, fooled airport security, and had the best time in my life... A part of me still longs for that time. Gosh, that makes me sound like a wild woman!

20. I struggle with God as a Daddy figure, am thankful for a wonderful man, my FIL, that is just the Dad I needed. I'm so thankful that God gave me a husband that is the kind of Dad I yearned for growing up and never had, and that I wanted for my children. I'm so proud of him!

21. I absolutely love Spring, the colors, the smells, the new growth. I do not like Winter, the cold, the deadness, the cold, the yucky cold. I need warmth and color, I need t-shirts, fresh air and windows open. I need Spring!

22. Whew! Almost there... Just a few more... I love to play games - cards, board games (I love the game of Life while growing up), Railroad, Apples to Apples, etc. but just absolutely can't stand Monopoly! I can't play PS or Wii games that well, but I can make others laugh trying.

23. My favorite scripture is: Psalms 30:11-12 because He has taken away a period of mourning for me, and is drawing me back to a time of celebration.

You did it: you changed wild
lament into whirling dance;
You ripped off my black mourning band
and decked me with wildflowers.
I'm about to burst with song;
I can't keep quiet about you.
God, my God,
I can't thank you enough.
(The Message)

24. I started blogging this last year and it feeds my need to write and journal. I'm a tad bit addicted to it, but I love it. I've made some incredible friends, learned how to make my own laundry detergent, been challenged, and have prayed more.

25. Whew. Finally the last one. I'm really at a loss at what to write that could be interesting, I enjoy rollarskating, hate shopping,don't follow deep conversations or sermons well, love a good chick-flick, crave time with Hubby, have been playing my flute for 33 years (that really makes me sound old) and wish I could be a better player. I like a clean house, but realize since we have kids here all the time it will never be BHG, but it's our house. I'd love to travel, especially with Honey - maybe to Australia, Alaska, or even the East Coast.

Okay, if you've made it this far, you're a better friend than I ever hoped for! You're a brave soul!

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