Sunday, February 1, 2009

I married Al not Tim

Okay, now before you get all excited and think I've lost my mind, let me clarify. I married an amazing man. I've actually known this for quite some time and I'm so blessed to have met and married my best friend. What I'm so thankful for is that he is more like Al Borland and not Tim, the Tool Man, Taylor. While he doesn't wear flannel shirts, he is ruggedly handsome and quite skillful with his hands! Yesterday our hot water heater finally quit. Thankfully it didn't flood our home with 2100 gallons of water like it did last time, 10 years ago, but quietly quit - right before my VERY cold shower yesterday. I will honestly say that I know NOTHING about fixing things around our home, outside of changing a light bulb or using a screwdriver and palm sander. I think that he was born with some wonderful gene that automatically kicks in when something is broke or needs done. Now, is that a man for you or what. He started on this yesterday afternoon, and this morning at 6:30 a.m. I heard him sigh as he turned on the shower and ta-dah! Hot Water. Not only did he replace the 30 gallon tank with a whopping 50 gallon one, he built some hidden shelves for storage in a otherwise useless space in our bathroom. He didn't blow a circuit, try to super-size and over power, he didn't even do the Taylor grunt while working. In one day, he used carpentry, plumbing, and electrical knowledge to save the day once more. Now, as he sits in his recliner, waiting for us to leave for church, he is getting some much needed and deserved rest. Maybe he'll enjoy a little down time this afternoon when everyone arrives to enjoy pizza and something call Super Bowl! I'm proud of you Honey!

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