Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Works-For-Me Wendesday

I must say off that this is the easiest way I've found for making Garlic Bread. Whether you make your own french bread or buy it (you can buy french bread or use Texas Toast), this will make it a snap! I've always used Hidden Valley Ranch Dressing, but it has MSG. You can make your own and do the same thing. Anyway, take a packet of DRY ranch dressing mix or 3 Tbsp. and mix it with a stick of butter. I use my hand mixer, blend it up well, spread it on each slice and pop it in the oven until they are toasted, and the house smells oh so yummy! I like to put some foil or parchment paper down on the cookie sheet - less mess and easy clean up. That's what works for me!


Unknown said...

mmmm, sounds yummy!
I can almost imagine the delicious smell, except I don't want to imagine it too well right now because, haha, I don't think I'd like the smell at this moment.

Clip of a conversation I had with Hubby after lunch.
"are you okay?"
"yeah, I'm fine. I'm just heading to the bathroom to throw up because kitchen stinks." (and I run out of room for punctuation. And to find the toilet. I think he thought I was exxagerating again.)
He follows me and asks, somewhat petulantly "WHY does the kitchen ALWAYS stink!?"

I dunno. I promise, it didn't used to!

I'm looking forward to more details on your giveaway :)
Missed seeing you yesterday - my M-i-L subbed for me :)

Lynn said...

Mmmmm, sounds tasty and super easy. I love those kind of recipes :)

vera said...

Yum! Anything with bread + ranch + butter must be good :) I'll have to try this - maybe even tonight with spaghetti.