Thursday, April 23, 2009

Earth Day Freebies and deals

I love to save a buck or more when I can and have found that I save about $35-45 using coupons, Sams, and . Now these are not deals that cause me to purchase something that I usually do not use, these are items that we use regularly in our home. I don't have all the answers, but these are a few things we do. You have to be careful becuase some places do not allow coupons printed from home. Reusable shopping bags: I have about 5 that I keep in my car and I must say that the store clerks don't always appreciate that we use them, but they don't complain too much. They aren't as convenient for them, but it sure saves on bringing home those plastic bags! When we do get a collection of plastic bags, we take them to Walmart and recycle them in a bin they have just for this. Love it! Gas: Vallero, Walmart, Sams will take $.03-04 off your price per gallon if you use their card. This may not seem like much, but it adds up. Kum and Go recently sent me an email for $5 off for my next tank of gas. Laundry: I spend about $21 per year on laundry products by making my detergent, using vinegar for fabric softner, and 4 dryer balls in the dryer. You can get the laundry balls just about anywhere now. We also shop at used clothing stores when we can, and here at home, Rags is our favorite, though there are many. Many of the clothes still may have original tags still on them, great prices, quality clothes. We've even found beautiful pillows and such there. We buy the kids jeans there and save a bundle, many times they are designer jeans at a mere fraction of the original cost. Many of the books we use for homeschooling we get gently used: vegsource, Ebay, Finders Keepers, learning etc. There are several blogs that feature different ways and coupons that help save money: The Thrifty Mama I know that so many people have wonderful ways that they are saving, so if you stop by here and make it all the way to the end, please leave a comment on how you save your family some $$ each month. There are so many more things we do, but I didn't want to bore you or drive you to insanity. If you come away with one more way to help you save $$, then I'm thrilled! Thanks for dropping by and sharing.


Unknown said...

Here's my favorite household money saving tip - we like foaming soap, so when we got married we bought a foaming soap dispenser from Aldi.

Then, we bought a big refill thing of hand soap - not foaming stuff (can you get that anywhere?) but just regular hand soap, it will last a while so go ahead and spend an extra fifty cents or a dollar to get a kind that you like the smell and color of. We have some sort of pomegranate nectarine soap that I love :)

Then, when your foaming soap runs out, add water to the container about 4/5 of the way full, and then add a little bit of straight soap. Shake gently, but mostly let the water mix the soap itself, so you don't get suds inside your soap :)
(honestly, 4 parts water to 1 part soap might be a tad too much soap, you don't need a lot)
Then enjoy using it - one squirt of foam gets hands plenty sudsy!

Since you only use a little soap for each container of soap that you make, a refill container will last a long time and save you money, plus it's greener b/c you are using less soap :)

Lorie said...

I am quite frugal, as is NPayne, so we do many things. Here are a few....we cut our own hair and our children's hair (except when Addi donated her hair). We buy a lot of resell including furniture, and often times get it out of someone eles's trash....shhhhh! We sell a lot of our things on Craigs List or ebay....our children wear a lot of hand me downs, and we hand down a lot of hand me downs. Great post! I love Earth Day!